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Tuesday, 7th December 2021
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Subaru History
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Subaru History
1917 – 1953
A former aircraft company, Subaru ventured
into the automobile business after the war.
1954 – 1969
The company has contributed significantly to Japan's advancements in motorization.
1958:  Subaru's first production car, the Ladybird, was introduced (Rear Engine and Rear Wheel Drive). It was well received due to its affordability, design and performance.
1966:  Subaru advances on its engineering abilities and Subaru 1000 was introduced. This was the first car with Boxer Engine and Front Wheel Drive (exclusive combination).
1970 – 1979
Subaru introduced new models to the Japanese
market, including the first Four Wheel Drive (4WD) passenger car.
1972:  Subaru Leone, the first Four Wheel Drive commercial vehicle was developed.
1977:  2nd Generation Subaru Leone, the first Four Wheel Drive passenger car, was introduced to the market.
1980 – 1989
Subaru is recognised as being one of the pioneers in AWD technology.
1981:  3rd Generation of Subaru Leone was introduced.
1989:  1st Generation of Subaru Legacy was introduced.
1990 – 1999
Subaru garnered outstanding results at World Rally Championship (WRC) and demonstrated Subaru driving performance technology. It expanded its model range and is recognised as being the maker of driver's cars.
1992:  1st Generation of Subaru Impreza was introduced.
1997:  Under the boom of sports utility vehicle (SUV) and based on well-developed Impreza chassis, the most stable SUV, Subaru Forester, was born.
1998:  2nd Generation of Subaru Legacy was introduced.
2000 & beyond
As Subaru entered the new millennium, it continues to develop more proactive innovations to vehicle safety and environmental features.
2000:  2nd Generation of Subaru Impreza and Subaru Forester were introduced.
2001:  3rd Generation of Subaru Legacy was introduced.
2003:  Subaru R2 was introduced.
2004:  Subaru R1 was released.
2005:  Subaru Tribeca, a seven-seater car, was introduced by Subaru of America Inc.
2007:  3rd Generation ALL NEW IMPREZA was launched.
2008:  3rd Generation ALL NEW FORESTER was launched.
2009:  5th generation of fully redesigned Subaru Legacy was launched.
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