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Saturday, 25th April 2015
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There are many different reasons to choose a car.
The SUBARU DIFFERENCE might be the best reason of all.
The more you know about Subaru, the more you might ask "Why aren't all cars made this way?" Subaru drivers feel a unique sensation behind the wheel. It's a deeply satisfying confidence that comes from a balance of virtues rarely found working together in such harmony. Like surefooted handling and refined smoothness. Invigorating performance with reassuring safety. And thoughtful innovation with long-lasting reliability. You don't need to be an engineer to appreciate what makes a Subaru different. You can feel it - the first time you drive the Subaru Legacy, and thousands of miles down the road. You might never know all the reasons why a Subaru rewards you with such a singular sense of well-being. But feeling it is all the reason you need.
The following safety awards have been won by the Legacy:
Safety awards won by Subaru Legacy
Model Overview
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