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Wednesday, 12th August 2020
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Symmetrical AWD
The AWD Advantage
Subaru Boxer
Driving Dexterity
Refined Dynamics
Controlled Cornering
Total Safety
Natural Poise
Torque Distribution System
Whether it's tackling a gravel-strewn FIA WRC special stage, or simply running into standing water on tarmac, keeping your car stable by getting the best possible traction is vital. That's where the technology of our torque distribution system sets Subaru apart from conventional 4-wheel drive set-ups. Evolved from the very outset specifically for Symmetrical AWD, it actively distributes engine torque to individual wheels - not just to front or rear axles, as some others do. In fractions of a second, our smart system automatically adjusts the amount of torque, giving maximum grip and stability wherever and whenever it's needed - not only in extreme conditions, but in everyday driving. The result is dynamic handling that feels truly intuitive, making the car behave like an extension of the driver's body and mind. So, even when road conditions change unexpectedly, torque distribution plays a crucial role in achieving the goal of stability and control.
Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
At the very core of this complement to AWD stability is Subaru's centre limited slip differential. A sophisticated mechanism controls torque distribution and limits tyre slip pro-actively, rather than reactively, depending on the different surfaces you encounter along your journey. This real time adjustment makes sure that a Subaru always uses its AWD traction and stability to the full. But it's not just for slippery and adverse conditions either. So, while you may never see our central differential in the flesh, it's very reassuring to know that this marriage of technology and mechanical engineering is constantly working with all the other Subaru technologies, to keep your car more stable, and you safer.
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