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Tuesday, 11th August 2020
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Symmetrical AWD
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Natural Poise
Symmetrical AWD
When it comes to secure handling and stability, in normal or adverse conditions, Subaru's Symmetrical AWD will always have the edge over other 4WD systems. Here, instinctive rally-proven capabilities inspire you to drive the car as you want - even when travelling fast over rough or slippery roads, where traction can easily be compromised. Again, it's all about the enjoyment of handling Subaru cars with complete confidence. In other manufacturers' systems, low traction levels usually activate some form of traction control, instead of relying solely on the vehicle's AWD ability. That's what can lead to instability when cornering on wet or greasy surfaces. At Subaru, we believe that the first line of defence should always be Symmetrical AWD, which constantly keeps grip at its best. However, we also recognise that sometimes, a driver could meet with a situation that needs quite sudden and violent avoiding action. Where reaction is delayed, the steering wheel may also be turned extremely quickly to swerve away. This could then possibly precipitate a spin.
Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control System
That's where Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control* system saves the day. As an adjunct to the full-time security of AWD, it acts as a vital backstop in emergencies, kicking in only when it's really needed. Sensors monitor vehicle speed, throttle opening, gear position, lateral G, yaw rate, brake status, steering wheel angle - analysing the actual driving situation. Then, a computer simultaneously co-ordinates control of torque distribution, engine output and ABS - using braking on the outside-front or outside-front and rear tyres to stop the car from spinning. None of which detracts from your everyday pleasure in driving your Subaru. But even if Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control system never betrays its presence, it's very reassuring to know it's there if needed.
Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control system automatically uses the correct amount of braking to the wheels to prevent the car from skidding, thus helping you avoid obstacles while staying in full control of your vehicle.
* Available on selected models
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