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Tuesday, 11th August 2020
Only from Subaru
Symmetrical AWD
The AWD Advantage
Subaru Boxer
Driving Dexterity
Refined Dynamics
Controlled Cornering
Total Safety
Natural Poise
Driving Dexterity
Agility Redefined
When you're sweeping through a difficult bend, or making a high speed lane change to avoid an unexpected obstacle, you need sharpness of response, naturally - but without any unwanted after-effects in the car's behaviour. This is where a Subaru's natural agility and neutral handling characteristics help keep you safely on your intended course. They're born out of combination of factors that go to make up the ideal drivetrain layout. First, there's the inherent agility of much lower mounted, lightweight Horizontally-Opposed Engines. In turn, their positioning is made possible by the location of the main drivetrain components. With the heavy items - like the transmission, transfer case, differential and propeller shaft - mounted inside the wheelbase, weight distribution is much better balanced between the front and rear of the car. There's no surplus weight overhanging that could react adversely after sudden manoeuvres. And, since the layout is also symmetrical from left to right, Subaru makes cornering a much more assured business than with other types of drivetrain configuration.
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