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Tuesday, 11th August 2020
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Symmetrical AWD
The AWD Advantage
Subaru Boxer
Driving Dexterity
Refined Dynamics
Controlled Cornering
Total Safety
Natural Poise
Controlled Cornering
What is Traction?
Only when tyres are turning, and those palm-sized patches of rubber are gripping the road, can a car's torque make it go where the driver wants. Obviously, Subaru's Symmetrical AWD is superior here, certainly over 2-wheel drive. But, with the amount of torque transmitted to each wheel being constantly adjusted in real time, it even outperforms other AWD systems. Better traction, grip and surer turning are yet another tribute to Subaru's superior torque distribution technologies. By comparison, 2-wheel drive merely does what it says. Whether it's through front or rear wheels, there are always two tyres not getting any torque - so they have no part in governing the way power is used to control the car. On the other hand, Subaru's advanced Symmetrical AWD brings together the best attributes of both systems, without any of their compromises, and is even better than ordinary 4-wheel drives. Capitalizing on these strengths, sophisticated, rally-derived long travel suspension also helps maintain optimum tyre-to-road contact at all times.
Symmetrical AWD
Outclassing ordinary 4WDs, this system delivers crisp turning, easy control and maximum stability, all in perfect balance. It's the ideal combination of the virtues of front and rear wheel drive in one, without any of their potential drawbacks.
Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)
Here, front wheels control power and steering, leaving the rears just supporting the body. Turning is more stable, so control is easier, but less sharp. And, if too much power is applied, front wheels lose grip and the car understeers sharp.
Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)
Conversely, with rear wheel drive and front wheel steering, turning is sharper, but somewhat less stable. Apply too much throttle in this case, and the car will tend towards oversteering in corners.
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