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Sunday, 20th September 2020
Only from Subaru
Symmetrical AWD
The AWD Advantage
Subaru Boxer
Driving Dexterity
Refined Dynamics
Controlled Cornering
Total Safety
Natural Poise
Only from Subaru
Discover a unique combination of performance and safety, built around the original concept of Subaru All-Wheel Drive. Only Subaru's radical combination of engine and drivetrain design can deliver such world class refinement on the road.
"It all starts with the philosophy that a driver should be in control and that comes from a unique blending of increased traction, performance and safety engineering. Altogether, that makes Subaru vehicles distinctly different from everything else on the road."
The value of Subaru AWD is recognised worldwide
The inherent superiority of Symmetrical AWD has been proven over and over in the unforgiving arena of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championships (APRC). Here, the same cutting-edge technologies used in road cars are tested in the toughest conditions, showing their true value, and reinforcing their benefits.
A system for pure driving pleasure
In rallies or on the road, our philosophy is to translate the driver's every wish directly into action, with cars that drive, corner and stop exactly as the driver wants. Such complete control means smoother driving technique, making full use of Subaru's inherent advantages. It captures the very essence of active driving. But there's more than simply on-the-road pleasure in store. There's the added reward of greater safety, too.
Subaru and the pursuit of safety
Active Driving and Active Safety should go hand in hand. Because stability is maintained right up to the limits of performance, you can enjoy your drive with confidence.
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